The Minions Movie – Yes, I’ll rant.

So, I love the minions. They’re cute and say cute dirty things like doody. And I don’t really care that they’re all boys. And, I really liked Gru. And since this new movie, The Minions, had a female Super Villain, I was thoroughly excited! After watching Max Mad – Fury Road and The Spy, I started hoping the change was here.

Not quite, it seems. While the movie rolled on, I kept finding myself nodding my head in disapproval and dismay at what garbage stereotyping was being fed to the little kids. I was infuriated. This movie is filled with all the demeaning, horrible and insensitive sexism that’s unacceptable in a kids movie!

What saddens me more is, when I brought it up to my friends, they said I was over reacting, I bring up sexism in everything, I need to take it easy, enjoy it as a kids movie.. BUT… it’s worse because it’s a movie for kids. And it saddens me more that they don’t see it. Here are some points that I remember (I wasn’t taking notes because I was truly hoping to enjoy the movie):

  • The Super Villain Scarlet, of barbie like proportions, was only the show, whereas the “brains” behind the operations was her husband (I’ve never heard of a married Super Villain, have you?)
  • Her background story is: she wants the queen’s crown because she’s always “wanted to be a princess” and dress up in pretty shiny clothes and get her hair done just like she drew when she was 5!
  • Because – “everybody likes princesses” (and all women want to do is be liked – obviously)
  • And, she wants her corset tightened so much she can barely breathe because, she must “have a tiny waist” for her first public appearance as the queen (paraphrasing here).
  • Collects gold and jewels because it “fills the void”
  • And when she gives a keynote speech at a villains’ conference, she’s wearing a red strapless dress and black stilettos. And she’s always wearing a red strapless dress and constantly pulling it up from the boobs as it slides down. Shown in a cartoon for kids!
  • They show 3 women in drivers’ seats of cars, all 3 of them put on lipstick while in the drivers seat, at least one of them get into a car crash while putting on lipstick while driving, real funny how stupid female drivers are, right?
  • She wants the crown but has no plans and does not go steal it herself – sends the minions
  • Get’s a tiny crown gifted at the end when the real super villain (no points for guessing it’s a male) takes over and is happy with it
  • And… don’t even get me going on how it’s filled with grossly racist imagery, from Japanese sumo wrestlers to Mexicans and how the language of the stupid follower minions is a mix of broken English and Spanish.


Am I over reacting?

Are you really going to accept the status quo and diminish half our population’s ideals to being pretty little princesses?


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