Desi Lifestyle: WHO DAT!

After a challenging spell of 3 years, I was looking to keep myself busier with things other than watching tv, drinking wine and wallowing in self-pity so what better than to start a new business! Desi Lifestyle is brand that combines a few of my passions – technology, business, photography and of course charity, with a generous sprinkling of nostalgia. I want to inspire people to get in touch with their hearts and recognize privilege. To start off, we’ll be selling T-Shirts designed by yours truly and 100% of profits will be donated towards education of children.

The best way to ensure a better life for the next generation is via women empowerment and education of children. You know what they say about giving fish and fishing – yeah, a lot of research backs that up. So, if you’re reading this – go ahead, check out the website, wear your heart on your sleeve (actually, chest) and start giving back!

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