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The Roman God Hierarchy.

As screwed up as it is, it’s also fascinating, and it shows up time and again in movies, pop culture, conversations so a basic knowledge is good. Interesting to know, this was completely stolen from the Greek mythology.

Started by: Gaea and Uranus

3 sons: Neptune (God of seas – handsome, but temper and energy), Pluto (God of underworld, nothing dark, good ruler), Jupiter (God of earth, but later, King of all Gods).

3 daughters: Ceres (Goddess of harvest, very moody and loved her daughter Prosperine), Vesta (Goddess of hearth and home), Juno (Goddess of marriage and Queen of all Gods, nice and matronly)

Here’s where it gets messed up.

Jupiter married Juno. Their children include Apollo, Diana (Goddess of moon), Mars (God of war, mean), Vulcan (God of fire and forge, married to Venus)

Jupiter also had a lot of kids from other women. Venus (Goddess of love) was one of them. So was Mercury (Very fast dude, trustworthy, popular)

Minerva is motherless, daughter of Jupiter (Goddess of Wisdom), born our of his brains. Right!