Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cut Shit Out

We all have some folks in our circle who we meet and are social with but we don’t quite trust.

  1. Maybe an ex-lover who is clingy and lonely and you know is bad news
  2. An employee who talks smack behind your back
  3. A friend with a huge insatiable ego
  4. A creepy fellow in your social circle who makes crude remarks or advances
  5. A colleague who just wants to take you down
  6. A buddy who is full of drama because of their own selfishness
  7. A “friend” who is full of lies and dishonesty
  8. Someone who is simply negative of everything
  9. Super Jealous cousin secretly wishing you no good
  10. etc…

If you nodded to any of the above, do yourself the BIGGEST favour you can. Cut them out. It might seem ruthless, unsocial, rude, but the upsides are too high. Trust me.

After a really shitty and resentful personal and professional 2015, I (almost accidentally) started getting rid of these folks and my only regret is, why didn’t I do this earlier.

The TOP thing to happen: It was liberating. Liberated of having to be civil with folks I deeply disagree with. A sense of peace, happiness and lack of negativity is just icing.

And most importantly – It was AS awesome for my personal life, as was for my professional one. If someone is being a douche more than serving any real purpose, cut them out.

And do it today.