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Ladies…Love to Code

Vehemently editing the slides the Ladies Learning Code Python Edition that I will be instructing in Halifax on June 22nd. It will be the third LLC event in Halifax and the attendance (sold out every time), the positivity, enthusiasm and the students who keep coming back for more make this the best way I could spend a sunny spring Sunday.

I am honoured to be part of this initiative, started in Halifax by the relentless and impressively young VCRachel Aaron. I will be sharing practical working knowledge of coding to women,  which empowers them in this tech-age. Historically, when the British ruled large chunks of this world, English became the global language. Yet, in the modern world, a new language has emerged as the equalizer. A language, or an interpretation of which we encounter every day, almost every moment of our lives, when we use our phones, tweet, book tickets, play games. Programming languages. And it’s often, unfortunately, viewed as a “men’s club” while good programming requires logical reasoning, acute attention to detail and enormous amounts of patience, things most women excel in.

Another trait I have noticed in a lot of women is an innate ability to create something beautiful out of most basic ingredients. Take cooking for example, although the “famous” chefs may get ingredients shipped in from Paris and Tuscany, the most “important” chefs, the ones that feed us everyday, usually cook wholesome meals from whatever produce is on sale at the superstores. This kind of continuous, unfaltering optimization is what is makes coders amazing! Coding is not magic, it’s not difficult, it’s definitely not rocket science. It’s just a new language and a common denominator in the modern world. And it IS as easy as ABC’s.



Join us at The Python workshop on 22nd of June, 2013 to learn Python, the languages that DropBox, BitTorrent and YouTube is built in, a language that’s extensively used at Google, NASA and Yahoo! and many more.

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“People buy cameras which can also be used as a phone.” — Unknown.

My dad taught me to use his SLR (with no auto settings) many many years ago. And now that I have a reason to get off my bum and go take some photos with my DSLR that’s been collecting dust for a while, let’s see how much I remember. Don’t want to keep my blog feeling empty, now do I?


Hello world!

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” — Einstein

Seems apt to start off this website/blog/goodness-knows-what-this-will-be with His quote. Of course starting a blog is not new but somedays I feel I have the most profound, distilled, disruptive of ideas but I lack people who’d listen to them 😉 I want to use this space to document, from time to time, things that I find misplaced and disturbing in this world, or I have a misplaced or disturbingly strong passion for them in this world, with a special attention towards technology, Science, startup “culture” and women in workplaces.